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If you are interested in other people who have done their TARDIS', I have supplied links below. The pictures are small scale images of what they have done. I thought it was best to keep small snaps just in case these sites all of a sudden disappear (which some have).

Also, there is The TARDIS Builders which can assist in your Police Box building.

Now, here is a very cool TARDIS. Someone actually used by blueprints (very roughly I might add) to make a CARDBOARD TARDIS. Now, how cool is that. If you want to know how to make your own, visit mischiefparenting.com/2012/09/29/tardis-box to see how to build your own! (9/2012)
[Carboard Image]

Larry has a nicely done Police Box. Still needs some finishing works though. (8/2009)
[Larry1 Image]

Libby has made a very useful version of a Police Box. This storage box can hold 426 CDs. (8/2009)
[CD Cabinet Image]

Relative Dimensions has a very good replica of a Police Box, console, Daleks, and numerous other items related to Doctor Who.
[Police Box]

The TARDIS Library has a very good reference information for building TARDIS' and provides links and photos to various Police Boxes.

Tim has a well done 1:12 scale version of the Police Box from Birmingham, UK. This is what he has to say:

"Corner posts are hardwood, base is chipboard, panels and roof are polystyrene sheet (glued), and windows are scalpel-cut watercolour paper. The signage was a photocopy onto acetate of Gill Sans text I laid out myself on computer. The door doesn't open and I didn't fit a handle to the telephoen cupboard, but I was very pleased with the result (now at my office); a real leap forward from the Plasticene and paper ones I used to make with a school friend in the mid-70s."
[DVD Blue Box Image]

DVD Blue Box by S Wright holds 140 DVDs. I have seen different attempts at this, but this is the first I have seen where the whole TARDIS is kept in tact. BBC is soliciting something similar to this, but I think it holds less than half of these. 9/18/2005 (image updated 1/12/2007)
[DVD Blue Box Image]

Matthew took some initiative and got a contractor to use the actual blueprints for the London Police Box to build a full-size one. 7/31/2005
[Matthew Full Scale Image]

"Doctor Who - Time And Again" website used to have plans for a full-scale version of a TARDIS.

"The Stars Past Concrete" website used to be available.  Anthony Stantella built a nice 1/4 scale TARDIS in concrete.  I don't even want to think about how much this weighs.
[TARDIS Muffler Image]

The Police Box Website used to be an excellent reference page on Police Boxes.

[The Police Box website Banner Image]

"Computer Muffler / Half Scale Tardis" website used to be available. This person evidently had some noisy components for his computer and decided to create a sound-proof TARDIS case.)
[TARDIS Muffler Image]

"Doctor Who Modeling" website used to be available.  This page had a large variation of different models, but the most interesting is the TARDIS Display case.
[TARDIS Display Case - small Image]

"Build your own British Police Box" website used to be available.  I used to think this was an over-sized version of the Police Box, but I think that was just me. He does look like a dwarf next to one of the walls.  Then again I always had Tom Baker as reference to the Police Box and Tom was just plain tall.
[Full Scale TARDIS Image]

"Osgood's House of Blood" website had an interesting version of the TARDIS placed in a gothic setting.
[House of Blood Image]

"The Blue Box Project",since January 2002